The original

breeder of the Big-Rope French Bulldog in the U.K.






Believe us when we say there is not much we don’t know about these dogs. 

We have been working on these babies since 2019 making ourselves the U.K foundation of Big-Rope French Bulldogs. 

This type of French Bulldog is rare and very unique, and the only way to get a Big-Rope French Bulldog is if you have the original Big-Rope bloodline.

We get a lot of people asking if their dog is a “Big-Rope Frenchie” from 2 standard parents, but the only way that puppy could be, and grow old and keep a rope and then pass it to future generations would be if it came from Big-Rope parents (either father/mother or both).

There is no problem with going Big-Rope to Big-Rope or if you choose to add one of our Big-Rope boys to one of your standard girl – the results in terms of number of Big-Rope puppies in the litter always varies, there is never a guarantee on how many you will have but we guarantee at least one.


In our experience we have had one of our Big-Ropes go to standard create a litter of 4 Big-Ropes and 1 standard, and we’ve had 2 of our Big-Ropes go together and got the same result. 


We have an exclusive Big-Rope puppy waiting list, you can reserve 1st to 3rd picks on our website or you can Whatsapp or E-mail to be added to our waiting list. We also have the U.K’s largest Big-Rope Frenchie stud team, check out our studs section to learn more.



If anyone knows this breed best, we do.. and if you have any questions we would be more than happy to answer them via the contact form at the bottom of the page.



What is a Big-Rope Frenchie?

The "rope" refers to the fold across the top of the nose. Big-Rope Frenchies have large heads and perfect stocky set bodies just as a Frenchie should have, along with extra wrinkles.

They are a unique and ever-growing more popular style of French Bulldog.

Micro sized yet true to type with relaxed, friendly temperaments.

Higher priced than average French Bulldogs.

JRC’s Big-Rope French Bulldog History

PIKACHU was our first ever Big-Rope Frenchie.

It was crazy, when we saw him we were so in love with his look, and found it astounding that nobody else in the U.K and Europe had these bloodlines. It didn’t take long for us to secure the deal and bring PIKACHU to JRCHQ, along with bringing two other cream Big-Rope girls Evie and Peaches to the U.K.

 From there, we’d say the rest is history. We have worked so hard since 2019 to make Big-Rope French Bulldogs what they are today. There has been some incredible moments and opportunities that our Big-Rope Frenchies have brought us, starting from meeting my (Ryan) idol, Tim Cahill (PRO FOOTBALL LEGEND) in 2019 when his family came to us to buy a Big-Rope Frenchie puppy for his 40th Birthday.

The second of our Big-Rope Frenchie productions to leave JRC HQ was Fendi (the first Black and Tan Big-Rope produced in Europe from our mum Gucci and dad out-of-house Odin). She left us to take her place in the home of Danielle Lloyd (INFLUENCER) and family in JUNE 2020. We then opened our Big-Rope puppies for public sale and Magnolia (daughter of our Big-Rope’s Willow and Kenzo) was driven to Switzerland by myself and my team member.

In NOVEMBER 2020 Chloe Ferry (TV PERSONALITY) chose Nala the blue fawn Big-Rope Frenchie (daughter of Pikachu), we were so proud, it’s a crazy feeling that people we have grew up watching have chosen us to get their new pet and we are so grateful to you all.

Fast forward to 2022 and we welcomed Cal Pacino (MMA FIGHTER) to the team when he picked Daisy the Big-Rope Frenchie as a present to his daughter. Jordan Mccann and Morrison (U.K RAP ARTISTS) also both joined the Big-Rope French Bulldog team in February with their additions. Another mindblowing experience meeting two people whose music we listen to all the time!

Seeing is believing, and pictures can be deceiving so be careful and do your research before buying a Big-Rope Frenchie.

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